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You are a struggling independent filmmaker, trying to find your way in this rapidly transforming media landscape. We are here to help you become a better businessperson, so that you can make a living doing what you love.

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Producer Foundry Pitch Workshop, 2014

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We provide access to experts who will teach you the inside line to success in independent film. From getting yourself organized to getting yourself out there, Producer Foundry has the programs that will make an entrepreneur out of you.

Producer Foundry Townhall, September 2014

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Producers know how to schmooze and network, but Producer Foundry ups the ante by providing an open forum for sharing and knowledge exchange in a way that moves beyond just passing out business cards.

Randy Hall and Ben Yennie

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With our audio program Film Insight and our YouTube program Indie Iron, Producer Foundry is providing on-demand access to thought leaders and current events in your indie film community.

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[PODCAST] What is a Film Market and how do they work?

In this preview chapter from the first ever audiobook (and book) on film markets, author Ben Yennie shares some insights into why markets like AFM are still relevant, even with the rise of OTT platforms and the collapse of DVD. Yennie summarizes how film markets are the most accessible place to cultivate relationships with sales …


Podcast – Content as a Brand Builder: Part 2 Interview with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle – Film Insight S03E04

Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle is back for Part 2 of our interview! In this episode, we talk about Alex’s use of previous content to market his latest project on Seed & Spark, a crowdfunding site for independent films, and as perks to incentivize contributions. We also hear a great anecdote which relates his …


Podcast – Content as a Brand Builder: Part 1 Interview with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle – Film Insight S03E03

Our guest, Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle, was gracious enough to do a second take with us when we had technical difficulties with our first interview. On our second go, we talked about so much more that we’re splitting this up into two episodes! Part 1 is all about building up a content library to …


Why Producers Shouldn’t Ignore VidCon

When I bought tickets to my first VidCon last year, I was very excited. I had been interested in the online video revolution for quite a while and as a burgeoning video producer myself, I was convinced years ago this was the wave of the future of digital distribution and entertainment. However, when I’d eagerly …