One Simple Tool to Reopen Conversations with Investors

downloadThis week I’ll be offering a piece of useful advice for all the producers out there.  I should start this by saying that I am NOT a financial planner. I am IN NO WAY qualified to evaluate a security.  I am also not qualified to give professional advise as to what stocks to buy, how to manage a portfolio, or anything even remotely related to that information.

In my time at the Institute for International Film Finance and Global Film Ventures, I’ve heard many people speak on various tricks to get Films Financed.  One of the single most valuable tools in my arsenal is one that I will share with you now. I will say this was not developed by me, but rather by a speaker for one of my events a while back.  I will start by saying that in order to be a producer, you need to understand your competition.  Not just in terms of other movies and entertainment that are up against yours in the marketplace, but also how your investment stacks up against other potential investments that High Net Worth Individuals may be considering. This requires that a savvy producer understand the stock market, as it is the most common place where investors keep their money.

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