Why Film Needs Venture Capital

Image-VCThere’s an old joke that goes something like this.  Three artists move to Los Angeles, a Fine Artist, a poet, and a Filmmaker.  The first day they’re in town, they check out the Mann’s Chinese Theater.  When they get there, a wave of inspiration overtakes them.  The fine artist says, “This is incredible, I have to draw something! Does anyone have a piece of chalk?” Low and behold a random passerby happens to have one, and hands it over. The fine artist does a beautiful rendering on the sidewalk.

Watching this, the poet says, “I’ve had a flash of inspiration, I must write!  Does anyone have a pen and paper?”  It happens to be a friendly sort of Los Angeles day, and someone hands over a pen and paper.  He writes a beautiful Shakespearean sonnet about his friend’s artistry with the chalk.

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  1. Terry VerHaar says:

    Are there any plans to host some discussions and/or presentations about the JOBS Act and the potential for crowd investing in indie film?

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