Film Insight Season 2 – Episode 11 – Jim Cummings

This week on Film Insight, we have Two Time SXSW Speaker and avid Film Insight listener Jim Cummings.  We talk about some of the seedier sides of studio advertising, how to make a viral video, and the decline in storytelling.

In talks of the digital revolution, we discuss how while filmmaking has been democratized,  yet rising above the sea of content being created, and how to not eat top ramen for the rest of your days.

Later in the episode, Ben and Jim debate the merits of Marvel’s franchise management and the lack of original content in hollywood.

After the break, Jim talks about some advice on how to make a video go viral, and some tips on using Reddit.  He also shares a story of how one of his producing partners got to work with some of the Members of Pink Floyd based on a viral video they posted to Reddit.

And finally Jim goes over a bit of Film Finance, and alternative methods to get your movie made, and shares a great resource to find .pdfs online.

To find Jim online, follow him on Twitter and Reddit @JimmyCThatsMe

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