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Producer Foundry Pitch Workshop, 2014

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Producer Foundry Townhall, September 2014

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Randy Hall and Ben Yennie

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Interview with Former ICM Agent Jim Jermanok.

  Ben: How did you Transition from ICM Agent to Filmmaker? Jim: I think a lot of entertainment business executives are very creative. Many of them are shadow artists and, for some reason or another, did not follow their first occupational choice. I was an actor and stand-up comic before becoming an ICM Agent.  After 9 years …


The Reviews are in on Jim Jermanok!

MAKING YOUR PROJECTS HAPPEN: Successful Film/TV Producing & Financing Workshop by Jim Jermanok from Jim Jermanok on Vimeo.Powered by Eventbrite Can’t decide whether or not to go to Jim Jermanok’s workshop on May 20th?  These Testimonials may well convince you. In order to work professionally in any kind of creative industry, you need to create your …


“For Here or To Go?” Writer/Producer talks immigration issues and Lean Filmmaking

Rishi is the driving force behind the new film, “For Here or To Go?” Which opened yesterday.   He’s an immigrant technologist who produced his first feature film, For Here or To Go which tells the story of the struggles skilled immigrants face.  I’ve known him for years, so when his movie came out he …


[PODCAST] What is a Film Market and how do they work?

In this preview chapter from the first ever audiobook (and book) on film markets, author Ben Yennie shares some insights into why markets like AFM are still relevant, even with the rise of OTT platforms and the collapse of DVD. Yennie summarizes how film markets are the most accessible place to cultivate relationships with sales …