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Film Insight Season 2 Episode 7 – LA Macabre

In This week’s Episode of Film Insight, Ben and Randy decompress about the Recent SF Web Fest, and Ben interviews the guys behind LA Macabre.  LA Macabre is a horror webseries currently doing a crowdfunding campaign for it’s second season.  In the interview, we talk about how the guys went about building their audience, marketing their webseries, and preparing to run a Crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re listening to this at Launch, then you can still donate to the LA Macabre Kickstarter by clicking below.


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Hosted and Produced by Ben Yennie (@TheGuerrillaRep) and Randy Hall (@RandyHall)

Edited by Alex Nigro

Film Insight Season 2 Episode 5: Maya Zuckerman on Transmedia

Maya TransmediaRandy and Ben welcome Maya Zuckerman, co-founder of TransmediaSF, to answer the question, “what is transmedia?” and why every filmmaker needs to pay attention to this way of thinking about their projects.

Hosted and Produced by Ben Yennie and Randy Hall

Edited by Alex Nigro

Heads Up!
Producer Foundry has a workshop with Maya Zuckerman coming up fast on May 9! Sign up for the San Francisco workshop and order the replay of the workshop!

Film Insight Season 2 Episode 1: Making Waves With Your Web Series 1

web-seriesFilm Insight is back with the first of a 4 part Web Series Panel. The audio is recorded from an event that took place in August as a partnership between the Bay Area Women in Film and Media and Producer Foundry.

The first part is all about story, and how storytelling is crucial when marketing your media.  Subscribe on iTunes to get all four parts!

Panelists include:

Maya Zuckerman
Co-Founder of TransmediaSF

For Bios please check out the original event on eventbrite

Come back in two weeks for the second part of the series, and in the meantime, check out the Producer Foundry Page and Group on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Join Our Mailing List!

7 ways to become a leader in your filmmaking (or any) community.

Photo copyright Producer Foundry 2014, taken by Evan Pleger
Ben Speaking at the first Producer Foundry meetup

Successful entrepreneurs and filmmakers have a way of becoming leaders in their communities. The qualities required for both are remarkably similar. What are those qualities you ask?  Fear not my intrepid reader, I’ve shared the top 7 ways to become a leader in your filmmaking (or any) community on LinkedIn.  While you’re there, feel free to connect and join the Producer Foundry Group!

4 Reasons Community is the Most Important thing in IndieFilm

Producer Foundry Meetup @ SFSDFI’ve been running Producer Foundry for a bit over a year now, and I’ve learned quite a lot. By far, the most vital thing I’ve learned is that the most important asset any independent filmmaker has is their filmmaking community. One filmmaker is generally nothing to write home about, there are about 12,500 who graduate from film school every year in the US alone. But when we band together, that’s when amazing pieces of art happen. There are many reasons that your community can and will make or break your career, four of which I’ve listed below.

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The Power of Community in Film

communityWhile reading a book on habits, I came to a realization.  If filmmakers are to survive this chaotic and rapidly changing time in our industry, the most important thing we can do is learn and grow into community leaders.

The time has passed that we can rely on the regular system to help the best filmmakers emerge.  The studio system is broken, and its discovery methods are dying.  Viewers have become lost in a sea of choices, and often retreat back to what they know as opposed to going out and discovering new entertainment.  The deals being offered to new filmmakers for V.O.D. subscription services are often nowhere near where they need to be in order to make a living as a filmmaker, and far too often filmmakers lack a way of even getting the money they put into the movie back, much less make a profit to continue to eat and make the next projects.

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Film Insight Episode 2: Prasenjit (Pras) Chaudhuri, Digital Marketing Strategist

Pras ChaudhuriBen and Randy talk briefly on the wildly popular first Producer Foundry meetup in San Francisco before turning to talk to Pras Chaudhuri, digital marketing and monetization strategist for Reliance Entertainment, as your hosts seek to discover how current or emerging filmmakers can identify and target their audience, even before they have a film!


Also, look for special film festival coverage coming soon from both the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival from last month, and the imminent Sonoma International Film Festival! Randy is going to be talking with anyone he can stick a mic in their face!