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7 ways to become a leader in your filmmaking (or any) community.

Photo copyright Producer Foundry 2014, taken by Evan Pleger
Ben Speaking at the first Producer Foundry meetup

Successful entrepreneurs and filmmakers have a way of becoming leaders in their communities. The qualities required for both are remarkably similar. What are those qualities you ask?  Fear not my intrepid reader, I’ve shared the top 7 ways to become a leader in your filmmaking (or any) community on LinkedIn.  While you’re there, feel free to connect and join the Producer Foundry Group!

Personal Branding

personal brandingFor Filmmakers who haven’t taken marketing courses, a brand is far more than just a logo.  A brand is the collective experiences customers and business partners have with any business.  In essence, a brand is essentially a company’s reputation. On a personal level, it’s about far more than just developing a look.  It’s about managing every aspect of your image, and the interactions you have with everyone you do business with.  If you want to achieve success in any industry, your personal brand is very important, even more so in the Film Industry.

Since I had a rather long blog about the importance of developing a look, I won’t cover too much of that here.  The biggest thing to keep in mind when establishing your personal brand is managing all of your interactions with potential business partners, clients, and especially potential customers.  This means that you’ve got to maintain a certain level of professionalism any time you do business.  One key element to this is covered in my blog on Reciprocity, but there’s more to it than just that.

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