C.Aguilar June 2014

IndieFilm Investor Pitching 101

By Chris Aguilar

So you’ve got your budget, you’ve found your audience, and now it’s time to pitch.  But this is no simple process, it’s a skill that must be practiced and honed.  That’s why Producer Foundry partnered with a man who’s heard more than 2,000 pitches and helped allocate more than 3 billion dollars to teach what it takes to make a pitch that will resonate with investors.  

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Preparing for The American Film Market

By Ben Yennie

Got a completed film?  Then you’re going to need distribution.  If you’re looking for standard, hollywood distribution, and are based in America, then the best place for you to go is The American Film Market.  But the market has it’s own culture that can be overwhelming and difficult to understand.  Luckily, Producer’s Rep and Author of the First ever book on film markets has your back.    



Ben’s Book, the Guerrilla Rep is used as a text book at more than 10 film schools, and is available at barnes and Nobles, as well as more than 100 independent bookstores.  But more than that, he’s repped films ranging from 100,000 dollars to 1 million dollars and he understands what to look for in a deal.  

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Additionally, Ben is one of the founders of Producer Foundry, and VP of Business Development for ProductionNext.  Previously, Ben was an Advisor to Film Angels, and Founder of Global Film Ventures, and Chapter Leader for the Institute for International Film Finance San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles Chapters.  

Ben Co-Hosts the Film Insight Podcast, has Written on Hopeforfilm.com, IndieWire, Cinesource, and many others, and has appeared on CNN Money, The Deseret News, The Film Trooper Podcast, Work at home success Podcast, You Read it here first, and many more.